The following are a few examples of what I have worked on in my spare time. Some of which have been sold out to online gaming communities.

Community Forum v1

How It Works: This website is the first of two versions. This iteration was purely for me to get to grips with how a forum works and what sort of code I would need to get some of the functions working properly.

Code Language: html, php and javascript

Community Forum v2

How It Works: This is the second iteration of the community forum I have made. I created this website focussing on the looks and built the previous code from the first version into the looks. This version is a lot more optimised and more stable. It also has a lot more features as I have learned some more about php and Java Script since I made the first iteration.

Code Language: html, php and javascript

Altis Life Statistics

How It Works: This website was made for someone to allow them to search and get live statistics on players within a gaming community. When they join their gaming server their player data is saved into a database along with their unique PlayerID which allows people using the webpage to search for specific people. I aim to create an administrator version of this webpage to allow staff to edit player information.

Code Language: html, php and javascript

Mobile World Station

How It Works:

Code Language: html, php and javascript

Upload Point

How It Works: This website was made to allow people to share files with me directly instead of using other websites which do not have a memorable link when you upload the file. This project allows me to keep an online record of all the documents I have uploaded via it.

Code Language: html and php

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

How It Works: This website was for me to test using Java Script and how variables work. I used an online tutorial to help make this game which gave me a ecent understanding about how Java Script works.

Code Language: html and javascript